Sunday, August 3, 2008

dirty-sounding update

so my stupid sticky dough was chillin in its plastic wrap. in the meantime, sarah informed us that she had gotten published in a pretty major journal for her field, from the research she was doing in the lab at university last year, so we decided she should celebrate. rule one of sarah's night was that nobody could talk about paladins after 8pm. hellz yes. then her plan to make bananas foster fell through because, it turns out, dc prohibits the sale of hard liquor on sundays. wtf guys, we're not in the south ok. but she did find champagne, and jake made champagne mojitos with our mint, and jim made nachos with lots of beans and chipotle sauce, and then jake's friend mark came over and they made gazpacho which was also topped off with champagne (so tasty), and now jake is cooking up chorizo to make sausage tacos.

huhhuhuhuh. sausage. taco. sausage taco. huhuhuhhuh.

okay so i just ate one. fucking delicious.


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