Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i made steak tacos with all the fixins

including my own salsa fresca.

the boy had grilled a pretty delicious steak when we had company on the patio sunday, and we had a decent chunk left over, so the next day when i wanted to make something relatively quick, i picked up some flour tortillas and threw together some stuff we already had in the kitchen.

i sliced the (very rare) steak in very thin slices, tossed them in a small amount of sugar and salt, heated a little oil in a heavy skillet, and put in several slices at a time to cook until they caramelized (yes, the sugar is a cheat, and a very helpful one). tried to avoid crowding the slices so they wouldn't simmer each other with their juices rather than sear.

i sliced onions and green peppers and sauteed those in a separate pan.

i chopped up three tomatoes, three tomatillos, half an onion, half a very hot tiny pepper, and half a bunch of cilantro. tossed all that together. kosher salt too. i used tomatillos because i didn't have any lime - it was good, but still a little lacking.

i set out shredded cheese from the supermarket and a thing of sour cream. think i may have also julienned a cucumber because i like that. then i held tortillas over a low gas burner for several seconds each, until they had a couple small brown spots and were warm and soft.

then we assembled our tacos, in various combinations and permutations. i've gotta say it was pretty damn satisfying. we finished everything off but the sour cream and bag of cheese. wish i had pictures but we ate everything well before i could find my camera.

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